Welcome to the new Indiana Small Business Connection Website! 

The honorable Ms. Cathy Padgett passed this torch to Ms. Kelly Bardell-Sparks in the Fall of 2020.

Kelly, and her team of IT Consultants are working diligently to help bring Indiana Small Business out of the brink of disaster created by the 2020 Covid19 Pandemic.

We hope to offer the best of both a digital presence and a physical presence to our members by creating opportunities to help your business grow in today's rapidly ever-changing economy.

Kelly is implementing a 7-Step plan to place the Indiana Small Business Connection Group back on track and running smoothly.


1. Create an online presence which benefits everyone by literally CONNECTING          everyone with all other members.

*Search Engines highly favor web pages which are connected to sources pointing to their web page as the authority in their respected field.

As a subscribing member of Indiana Small Business Connection your web page will be connected to all the other members of this group.

2. Make an affordable, generic web page / digital store front accessible to all Small      Business Members.

As of 2020, according to Google Analytics, 60% of all small businesses are operating without an online world wide web presence. Most small businesses cite "cost" as their number one inhibiting factor.

Ms. Sparks asked her team of IT Consultants to "level the playing field" by making, in the very least, a digital store-front accessible to even the smallest mom & pop store at a reasonable fee.

To remedy those members who already posses a website, a additional link to their website is provided in the footer section of this website which benefits the site by having all current 2,000 members back-linked to said website.

3. Incorporate an in-house level of high ethical standards and accountability to every member of the ISBC group.

ISBC members will be assigned a personal Review Board which requires a maintenance level of four stars minimum. A maximum of ten reviews are allowed per board. Falling to three stars in this group or on your Google My Business Page (creation assistance available at no extra charge to members) will place your business on probation with the Indiana Small Business Connection group. At one to two stars you will be disconnected from ISBC.

4. No contracts. 

Failing to pay your monthly subscription / maintenance fee, or falling to a level of two stars will prompt a disconnection from ISBC. Failing to pay your monthly subscription will also disqualify you from receiving ISBC member benefits for the upcoming Indiana Small Business Exposition. You may still choose to attend the exposition but you will be charged full, non-ISBC member prices and space allocation.

5. Physical Indiana Small Business Expositions & Trade Shows, DTBA

ISBC members in good standing* receive a substantial discounted booth space lease as well as enjoy first priority for booth space location against non-ISBC members.

ISBC members in good standing* are those who have made five consecutive subscription payments prior to the month of the physical bi-annual Indiana Small Business Exposition.

6. Open enrollment dates:

ISBC open enrollment occurs the month following the physical Indiana Small Business Exposition. Open enrollment occurs twice annually.

7. Indiana Small Business Exposition / Trade Show Advertising to the Public.

Social Media Marketing and paid content advertising will be utilized to the fullest extent available within our great state of Indiana. Several "sharable" formats will be made available as well.

Click on one of the members below to see how your digital store-front will appear.