YouTube Citation & Advertising

Welcome to the Second Largest Search Engine in the world!


Google is obviously the largest and most used Global Search Engine. YouTube is not only the second largest, but it is OWNED by Google! (I hope you can see the importance of making sure your business is listed correctly with both Google AND YouTube!

The world is gradually moving away from print; even digital print and is moving toward video. Not to say that "print" is going away anytime soon, as many video viewers prefer "Closed Captioning" when audio play is not an option. 

Closed Captioning can also be used to reach multi-lingual cultures.

As a business, it is extremely important to your business that you have a video presence on the internet! YouTube makes it possible to create your own Video Channel whereby you can add personal content as much as you would like. You have the ability to acquire your own "followers" or subscribers and you have the ability to advertise your channel to your local customers via other programs, or YouTube videos, your local customers might be interested in watching? (YouTube analytics finds this information FOR you!)


A little known fact about YouTube video advertising; if the viewer clicks "skip" after the five second tease of the commercial,or if the commercial is ended within the first 30 seconds, the advertiser does not pay for that advertisement placement! The advertiser only pays IF the commercial is played to the viewer! Under an "auction system", the advertiser pays an extremely minimal fee for the viewer, compared to other forms of older advertising medium methods.

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